Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 160GB Blu-ray PS3 Game Console -

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 160GB Blu-ray PS3 Game Console

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim 160GB Blu-ray PS3 Game Console from CowBoom
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Sony PS3 PlayStation 3 Slim 160GB Blu-ray Game Console

Fit the intensity and excitement of gaming into your life even more easily. This lighter, slimmer edition of the PlayStation 3 system packs all the power and features of the PlayStation 3 into a compact design that fits conveniently into any room. Enjoy intense, high-definition games, movies and other entertainment in the comfort of your home, all courtesy of a console that's small in size but a giant in sophistication. PlayStation 3 opens up new possibilities for thrills and excitement. The built-in Blu-ray Disc player allows you to step into the world of high-definition entertainment, from intricately detailed and explosively powerful video games to favorite movies that come to life on screen with new depth and clarity. The console even plays and upscales your DVDs so you can experience them in a bold new way. A 160GB hard disk drive provides ample storage for games, music, videos and photos, and built-in Wi-Fi enables easy Internet connectivity. This PlayStation 3 also comes complete with a free membership to the PlayStation Network, where you can play games online, download movies and games, stream music and photos, chat in-game with friends and much more.

* Next-generation gaming
Opens up new worlds of high-definition gaming intensity with astonishing graphics and audio.
* Lighter, slimmer design
Fits easily into your home and your life to expand your entertainment horizons.
* 160GB internal hard drive
Provides voluminous storage for games, music, videos and other media.
* Built-in Wi-Fi
Makes it easy to connect to the Internet for exciting additional entertainment options.
* Blu-ray Disc player
Delivers pristine picture quality and an incredible high-definition viewing experience.
* DVD upscaling
Brings your favorite DVDs to life on screen in high definition, so you can enjoy them in a new way.
* PlayStation Network membership (Not Included)
Gives you access to a wealth of online services, including free online gaming, game, movie and TV show downloads, music, movie and photo
streaming, text and voice chat and more.
* HDMI output for 1080p resolution
Ensures that visuals come alive with incredible depth and clarity on your high-definition screen.
* 7.1 audio
Envelops you in the sound of your favorite movies and games, immersing you fully in the viewing or gaming experience.

* Height 11.42"
* Width 11.42"
* Depth 2.56"
* Weight 7.05 lbs.

MFG: Sony
MFG Part: 98038 NOGAME