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Nintendo Wii Game Console System

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Nintendo Wii Game Console System

Designed for kids ages five to 95, the revolutionary Nintendo Wii isnt just a next-generation system - its an all-generation system. The innovative minds at Nintendo discovered that the evolution of gaming has made video games very complex, and those who once enjoyed playing games with their entire families have become alienated.

The Wii is pronounced "we" for a reason - it symbolizes Nintendos driving philosophy: this system is for everyone. Whether youre a hardcore gamer, a casual player or a grandparent who'd like to play a game with your grandchild, the Wii will provide you with a wondrous experience that returns gaming to simpler times while also defining a new age of game development.

Combines intuitive motion controls and interactive gaming with next-generation graphics in a bright white finish
Compact design allows you to place the Wii vertically or horizontally to fit almost any TV setup
Connect up to four Wii controllers at once with Bluetooth wireless technology
Easy yet exciting playability makes the Wii fun for players of any age or skill level
Wii Channel Menu provides an easy-to-use interface where you can choose and play games, get news or weather, view and send photos, surf the Internet, post or send messages and shop for video games
Mii Channel allows you to create a likeness of yourself to use across a variety of Wii software
Connect to the Internet wirelessly, even when your system is turned off, to receive surprises and game updates with the WiiConnect24 service

In addition to amazingly realistic next-generation graphics and a variety of outstanding titles to choose from, the true magic of the Wii starts right in the palm of your hand - the controller. The unique Wii Remote controller is wireless and motion-sensitive, allowing you to use everyday motions to simulate the motions in your game. If you're playing a baseball game, you actually swing the Wii controller to swing your bat on screen.

If you're locked in a brutal sword fight, you use real sword-fighting motions to fend off your attacker. The Nunchuk controller attaches to the Wii Remote and uses an analog stick along with motion-sensing technology to assist in character movement. Imagine yourself in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, defending Hyrule with sword and shield and using the Wii Remote to let arrows fly. Or, feel the heat on game day as you step under center and take the snap as the starting quarterback of your favorite NFL team. Enormous defensive linemen charge at you at full speed as you use the Nunchuk controller to evade them, launching a pass into the end zone for a touchdown just before youre sacked.

The days of button-mashing are gone. Additional innovations abound in Nintendos newest console, starting with the amazing Wii Channel Menu. The Wii Channel Menu, which is the first screen that will appear on your TV, provides a simple user interface that includes the Video Console Channel, News Channel, Forecast Channel, Photo Channel, Internet Channel, Wii Message Board and the Wii Shop Channel, where you can pick games to play, get news and weather reports, view and send photos, surf the Internet, post or send messages and shop for new and classic video game content, all from one location.

Using the Mii Channel, you can even create playable caricatures of yourself called Miis that you can use in a variety of Wii applications. With an innovative motion-sensitive controller and the Wii Channel Menu, the Wii will truly make you feel less like just a player and more like youre really part of the game.

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