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UnBranded Windows 8 10.1in Tablet 32GB - Gray
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UnBranded Windows 8 10.1in Tablet 32GB - Gray from CowBoom
The Unbranded 10.1in tablet provides premium performance and design, without a big brand cost. This tablet features 1280x800 resolution, an Intel Quad Core processor and 32 GB of storage. Whether you use it for work or play, this tablet gives you the best features at the best price.

MSRP: $299.99
Today: $69.99 
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Product Type: Pre-Owned
Condition: Fair
What's in the box?
Tablet PC
What's not included?
AC Adapter
USB Cable

UnBranded Windows 8 10.1in Tablet 32GB - Gray Specifications Screen size 10.1-inches diagonal Aspect ratio 16:10 Screen resolution 1280 800 Pixel-per-inch (PPI) 149 CPU Intel Atom CPU Z3735F Bay Trail-T 1.33GHz Power supply 5V/2A Power consumption 10W RAM 2 GB Internal memory 32 GB Camera 2MP Front, 2MP Back (fixed focus) Maximum video capture resolution 720p Operating system Windows 8.1 USB port Micro USB Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0 Battery 3.7V 6300 mAh Up to 4 hours video playback Dimensions (W H D) 6.8 10.4 .4 in. (17.4 26.4 1.1 cm) Weight 1.4 lbs. (0.6 kg)

MFG: Unbranded
MFG Part: UB-15MS10
There are 481 review(s) for this product.

Customer Rating:
Very happy with this tablet considering the cost. by Johnny
Some things which I consider very important to be aware of. If you play sounds of any kind the tablet native inner speakers are adequate enough for most purposes like watching movies, videos, listening to music, etc. However I tried to plug in an external stereo system and also some standard computer earphones and found out that the headphone jack of the tablet is not compatible with some of the plug ins of sound equipment’s you may buy at electronic stores. Some people commenting here stated that “the sound is horrible” when connecting any external sound speaker systems. The problem is not the tablet sound or the quality of its electronics , but rather the wrong headphone jack the tablet was provided with which doesn’t allow snuggle connection of external speaker systems- plug in male connector. While connected to my sound system I wiggled slightly my external connector and was able to have loud sound from my stereo intermittently. So the solution is to change the tablet headphone connector with the right one in order to be compatible with whatever external system you may have, but if you don’t want to do that repair the second best option is to get a sound system with USB connection that you can connect to your keyboard USB connection, and if you didn’t buy the key board then get a cheap Micro USB Samsung connector with a female USB connection at the other end to connect your USB stereo or headset. I am using a USB headset and the sound is fantastic. Another thing I can tell you is that you can watch wirelessly a duplicate of the tablet display by connecting a Miracast compatible video box to a bigger TV Display. Mine is an NETGEAR PTV3000 which is connected to my TV HDMI connector for video and My TV USB connector to power it up. I am completely certain you’ll receive the proper documentation on how to set it up once you buy a Miracast compatible box. You don’t need to buy any extra software since Win8, Win8.1 have software compatible to connect to any Miracast compatible device. The response time of my NETGEAR is amazing; pretty much instant with my blue tooth mouse movements. An alternative to the Miracast Wireless TV box would be getting a mini HDMI to connect directly to a TV with an HDMI connector, but then you’ll be dealing with “more wires in the way”. Well, hope this help you understand that this tablet is great to have considering its bargain basement price for the many features it has to offer.

Customer Rating:
A Real Winner Here!! by VioletJ
I love this machine so much that I bought one as a gift. When it comes to great price and excellent value, this little tablet can't be beat!

Customer Rating:
tablet by KateMissyton
Difficult to navigate through the GUI. Not very responsive. Get what you pay for.

Customer Rating:
Nice Tablet!! by ANDi
This tablet is fast and reliable! After adding a keyboard, it was just as good as my laptop. Very similar to the "surface." however, I came to a quick decision that I am not a fan of windows 8.1. Other than that, I would definatly make this purchase this again for a gift to someone who did like windows 8 \ 8.1.

Customer Rating:
Best Tablet for the money by JohnZollar
Windows 8 in this tablet allows to install many free software opposite to androids and IPADS which have many proprietary applications for which the user generally have to pay. the expansion capabilities are great considering its prices. I has a keyboard bundle with a USB connector for many kind of storage devices and a micro SD slot supporting up to 64 GB of storage space which also can be used to install certain programs for which you can select a drive to install like for example drive D: instead of installing to drive C: Additionally you can buy a Sansung micro B cable with an standard female USB at the other end which can be connected to the power supply slot to further expand the storage capability of this table. The situation of the inner battery discharging after 4 hours with intensive use according to some people commenting here can be solved by having a rechargeable battery pack that can be connected to the power supply slot if you are on the road and unable to immediately charge the tablet battery. Also never allow the table battery to completely discharge since some battery won't recharge if completely drain which may cause permanent damage to the battery which then will have to be replace by an person able to open the table for replacement. I recommend to install Portable apps software to get a lot of useful free software which include antivirus, streaming media, games, productivity software. An alternative to Microsoft Office suite that you can install is Open office which install software resembling Microsoft Word, Excel,etc. If you need to have the USB port of the keyboard available at any time then I recommend you buy a Microsoft Blue tooth mouse to free that connection from using a USB mouse. Also, don't forget to take advantage of Cloud software which allow you to have further storage space by using free Cloud software; examples of this are One Drive(15 GB) , Google Drive (15GB), Copy (15GB), and Drop box (3GB). Finally, if you want to see the decent graphic capabilities of this table install the virtual World web application "Second Life" , a free software with stunning animation. You will be surprise how well this table can handle web animation. Well, there you have it. This Unbranded table is full of surprises in its capabilities for those willing to buy it.

Customer Rating:
Easy to navigate! by TechNuvo
Overall, very satisfied with the tablet. However, was disappointed that the anti-virus program was for the included apps, only.

Customer Rating:
adequate by Penguinz
the tablet does as advertised, nothing fancy, but everything adequate

Customer Rating:
The camera is awesome beauitful photo by alicetoy
I love my tablet, it does a lot, after I purchased one for myself ,had to purchase another one for my son, he think it's great takes it to work everyday.After work I'm on it 4-5hours.yes I will tell all friends about it.

Customer Rating:
Great Display Screen but trouble with ATT wifi by hoosier
Bought this for our 92 year old dad for Christmas. It had a great display, very good picture color and sharpness with good viewing angles. The 10" size was easy to handle and the text was large and easy to read. The only problem was keeping it connected to his ATT wifi service. It kept rebooting. Unfortunately we had to return it as it just would not function properly with my dad's wifi service.

Customer Rating:
I returned it for a refund, twice by Birds
This was potentially an excellent product. The screen went out after less than a week. I exchanged it for a replacement and had exactly the same problem so I returned it for a refund. Could be something I was doing wrong I guess but it certainly was not something obvious.

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