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Sportline - 1010 Digital Duo Heart Rate Monitor - Black
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Sportline - 1010 Digital Duo Heart Rate Monitor - Black from CowBoom
This heart rate monitor delivers accurate ECG heart readings while you work out and features Any-Touch technology for readings with a single touch anywhere on the case.

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What's in the box?
Sportline - 1010 Digital Duo Heart Rate Monitor - Black
Detachable chest belt

Sportline - 1010 Digital Duo Heart Rate Monitor - Black This heart rate monitor delivers accurate ECG heart readings while you work out and features Any-Touch technology for readings with a single touch anywhere on the case. Features: Measures heart rate Delivers ECG readings in seconds. Any-Touch technology Responds to a single touch anywhere on the stainless-steel case. 12- and 24-hour time settings For convenience. Detachable chest belt Delivers continuous heart rate monitoring. Water-resistant up to 164' For convenient use while you're running or swimming. Specifications: Color Category: Black Alarm Feature: Yes Keypad Lock Functionality: No Measures Heart Rate: Yes Programmable: Yes Water Resistant: Yes

MFG Part: SP4960BK
There are 22 review(s) for this product.

Customer Rating:
Difficult to work by Kinah
This watch is very hard to use. I can't figure out how to read the calories burned, when to put your finger on the pulse sensor etc. I tried to watch videos about the watch, but none assisted in the set-up and use of the watch. I think best but should have a video tutorial for electronics online. That would be awesome and set them apart from other store

Customer Rating:
It is so complicated!!! by CHJR
It is so difficult to use. I thought it was a friendly model, but ws so wrong. It is really hard to use it and I would recommend a more expensive one that is more practical and easy reading.

Customer Rating:
Very hard to program by TLP28
This device was very hard to figure out to get started.

Customer Rating:
great watch by jason808rose
its a pretty good sport watch... very usesable, accurate reading... easy set up... highly recommended to a friend

Customer Rating:
Good for my walks, hikes and bike rides by grandparut
The first one I bought stopped working after six days (not sure if it was me or the watch) but after going back to the store where I bought it and finding out they did not have anymore in stock I had to go to another store location to get the replacement. When I got to the second store they said they did not have any in stock. But one of they workers searched the stock room and found one. Communication between stores could be better and their computers are not always up to date with what is in stock.

Customer Rating:
Great Product for Casual User to Sports Enthusiast by Nabiyah
I've had this model about 9 months & I love it. I am tech savvy & can follow manual instructions w/ease, but I did end of up calling customer service (2 x) to help walk me through the features & use. Sportline customer service is A+++. Initially, I was frustrated & decided to return it, but decided to call CS, first, & they really turned my experience with this product into a great one. I have a heart condition & thus, have a heart monitor at home & when comparing this little bugger w/it, realized it is very accurate with the strap on, intermittent without strap (which is to be expected... think of wireless versus direct connect). HR Above, In, & Below target zone tracking is very nice. Cal Count, Consistent & accurate heart rate data, TImer, & Fat burned. My only issue, and the resulting 4 stars instead of 5, is the tiny font on the unit, but after a few uses, you know where everything is. Note: If you don't use the monitor regularly & your vision is somewhat challenged like mine, I can see that as a problem when desiring to change or access certain features & may require re-familiarizing yourself. Another important note: Read the "read before use" instructions. It is a must for best performance and experience. Lotions, oils, and such can cause inaccuracy. Also, a little tap water (a drop) may be needed for especially dry skin. Little things like that make a difference, so be sure to read those "before" TIPS ;) Best of Luck and Enjoy! Ny

Customer Rating:
Excellent product. Great price. by MkBot1
Very good product. Easy to read high contrast screen with large fonts and strong backlight. Performs exactly as it should. Other reviews state the menus are not intuitive. I find they are. There are many features so reading the manual is important. The setup and operation is very similar to most all common wrist watches, etc. For the low price I was expecting low quality but it operates great and the materials are durable high quality. I bought it in case I only wanted to spot check my heart rate and not deal with a chest strap while running and biking. Without the strap you have to touch the watch case with your finger from time to time. This works well but of course the running average rate, time in/out of zone, etc are not as accurate as when wearing the strap. With the chest strap you get continual data points. Note, naturally the stop watch must be running in order to get average rate, time in/out of zone, etc.

Customer Rating:
It's Okay, But just Ok by RunningNoob
The product serves the purpose of running and vaguely keeping track of your progress for the day, but it is not fancy and hard to use without reading the manual some.

Customer Rating:
gives good pulse readings by joey234556676
the price was lower than thew same one at Dick's store.

Customer Rating:
I don't recommend this heart rate monitor. by Crd800
Not easy to navigate. I returned this watch and bought a polar and I love it. Don't waste your time.

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