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Viper - Wireless Home Monitoring and Security System Starter Kit
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Viper - Wireless Home Monitoring and Security System Starter Kit from CowBoom
With support for more than 200 Z-wave devices and up to 64 zones, this Viper VHS100 wireless home monitoring and security system starter kit enables versatile connection options. The included hub covers a radius of up to 2,000' for expansive monitoring.

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Today: $59.99 
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What's in the box?
Smart Hub
Motion Sensor
Door Sensor
Window Sensor
AA Batteries
Installation Hardware

Viper - Wireless Home Monitoring and Security System Starter Kit

With support for more than 200 Z-wave devices and up to 64 zones, this Viper VHS100 wireless home monitoring and security system starter kit enables versatile connection options. The included hub covers a radius of up to 2,000' for expansive monitoring.

Wireless home monitoring and security system hub
Covers up to a 2,000' radius, so you can help ensure your home remains safe. Installs quickly without the need for tools and uses AA batteries for simple setup.
Supports up to 64 zones
Letting you add up to 64 motion detectors, up to 8 camera motion detectors, up to 4 sirens, up to 8 key fobs or up to 16 zones of fire, water or CO detectors for customizable home protection.
Compatible with more than 200 Z-wave devices
For wide-ranging use. Compatible devices utilize a Z-wave Bridge mesh network that provides up to a 90' range between each device for flexible placement options.
Enables remote monitoring from a compatible mobile phone
To offer simple control of the security system while you're on the go (app and monthly service required, not included).
Can be paired with an optional Viper vehicle security system (not included)
Making it easy to keep tabs over both your home's and vehicle's safety.

Color Category: White
ENERGY STAR Certified: No
Smart_Phone_Compatible: Yes
Wireless: Yes
Motion Sensor: Yes

Smart Hub

Maximum RF range: 1968 feet open air
ECOP bi-directional radio protocol
Data security 128-bit AES encryption
Users remotely control and manage the system via the cloud, using smartphones, tablets and PCs
User interface software applications available for iOS and Android operating systems and Windows-based browsers
Supports up to 64 security peripherals, 24 safety peripherals and up to 32 users, including two Master Users
Built-in rechargeable backup battery
LAN cable
Power adapter

Motion Sensor

Provides continuous scanning of your home environment and sends an alert of any detected movement when armed
Fully wireless battery-operated unit
2-way RF communication
Up to 2000 feet of range
Passive Infa-Red (PIR) operation
Distinguishes pets from human intruders
Multi-zone spherical lens for exceptional detection coverage (90o horizontal, 105o vertical)
Tamper alarm - when unit is tilted
Sealed optics minimize false alarms
Efficient power consumption for long battery life
Detecting range: up to 39.4 feet
Uses standard AA batteries

Door and Window Sensor

Keeps a protective seal on your home environments access points and notifies the system of any unauthorized entry
Fully wireless battery-operated unit
2-way RF communication
Maximum RF range: 1640 feet
2 Elements: detector and magnet
Simple installation no tools required
Dual LED (green/red) for detector status indication
Informs system whenever access points are opened or closed
Efficient power consumption for long battery life
Modern, stylish and compact design

MFG Part: VHS100
There are 20 review(s) for this product.

Customer Rating:
Easy setup and excellent product by Steve
I installed this product in summer of 2014 and it was a breeze to do so. I have since been using it without any issues.

Customer Rating:
Nice product by Drew
Good product and price. Viper customer service bad

Customer Rating:
Garbage by VirginiaGuy
I bought the home security system over 2-months ago, and from the beginning the system has not work. I contacted Viper Home Security Support AkA Directed and they have been unable to resolve the issue. They have pushed my issue to their developers...needless to say that after two months of emails (only one was responded to) and half a dozen phone calls I am done. I bought almost $300 worth of this garbage and have not been able to use it. For anyone that is considering this equipment, from what I have gathered in dealing with Directed, the company maybe phenomenal at car security systems and support but they do not appear to be behind their home security product line. Either way I consider this a $300 lesson and will never buy a Directed...AKA Viper product again.

Customer Rating:
Good Alarm when it's on sale by Tate
Just wanted some piece of mind when going off to work, I could somehow make sure no burglars were entering my apartment. I reviewed the Viper Alarm system before it went on sale so I kind of knew what I was getting into. When first setting it up, I couldn't them the main unit to sync with the motion detector or the door open detector. After a little fondling with the main unit (unplugging the power) I was able to sync them. I also bought a siren to go along with the system; that also took some messing around with to get that working. After it was all setup, everything seem too work fine. My GF and I have tested the motion detector to see if its working but doesn't seem to catch every movement in it's viewable range. I've had it for about a bit over a month now and I'm glad I bought it but definitely happy I waited for it to go on sale. Coupled with my IP web cam I can feel at ease when leaving my house.

Customer Rating:
Really like having the cameras by Voosiers
Many features in the system. We have several motion detectors that tell us via our smart phones if there is any movement in the room. We also have a door/window alarm set up.

Customer Rating:
the product works well by jose
I enjoy it very much easy to set up and installl and affordable to have vereses other systems I have had in the pasr

Customer Rating:
Good when it works...not for serious protection by ozofnash
If you're going to install an alarm system, you want it to work. Otherwise why bother. If for some reason it isn't working then you want immediate support to get it going again. This NOT that system...I look at it as a novelty that Viper bought from generic manufacturer and slapped their name on it. Once it is sold out, I don't expect it will be supported at all. My system: 1. I get 'Panel not connected' frequently. My network is there, I can get to my wifi thermostat. So some of the time I don't have an alarm system. 2. One door/window sensor drains the battery every couple of weeks. 3. There is no way to change your account unless YOU BUY SOMETHING ELSE??? The account sight is totally useless! It worked well for a month, so I bought some add-ons. As of this very moment I have a $500 non-working system. Thats $500 for nothing. I'm guessing these positive reviewers haven't given it enough time...just will stop working. The main consideration for any alarm/protection system is immediate customer support. Viper has NONE. email...wait...hope...wait...nothing. If you're serious about protection...DO NOT WASTE ANYTHING ON VIPER.

Customer Rating:
Got it on sale - pretty great value by CaryT
I like the system, don't get me wrong, but there are some things I don't like. First the likes. Good price for the system when it is on sale. It's simple to set up the hardware. It works well (I *usually* get text messages fast when my daughter forgets to turn it off before entering the house). I like that it knows that the siren and motion/camera sensor might have been tampered with, so that it will then send an alert. Now the dislikes Sometimes I get text messages late (once over an hour later). Monthly fee required to get full use of the system. Web interface uses Silverlight (this is my BIG disappointment). I could not set it up on a Mac! The interface should have worked and it appeared to function, but I could never get it to let me log in. I finally used a Win7 machine and got in and could set it up. This brings me to my next biggest dislike: Support never responded to me even after four attempts (the only way they provide support). When I couldn't log in on the Mac I started trying to get help. Not a single reply after 4 tries. There is no phone number that you can call to get help with the home alarm system specifically, though they seem to have some support for their Car systems. I was not impressed. I added the Fob's, camera and siren. The fobs are sometimes extra sensitive. Just putting one in my pocket can arm the system or do the panic alarm (no, I don't wear my pants too tight). The siren could certainly be louder - the sound doesn't travel very far, but it does let the intruder know they have set off the alarm. Wait and see Battery life - they say the battery life is long, but I haven't had ti long enough to know. Good enough for home protection - haven't had a break in yet, so I can't comment on if it will really work when it really counts. Would I recommend the system? Yes, but only if you get it severely discounted like I did. I only spent a couple hundred to get the base, three fobs, a camera and the extra siren. That's a BIG discount. Right now I'm paying the extra $10/month for the additional services. The money I saved at the discount price lets me not worry as much about the monthly fee.

Customer Rating:
Decent kit for beginner by krmarshall87
I don't have the camera (not a part of this kit). The speaker chirps versus a blaring alarm that would scare an intruder or perhaps even wake me up. I also bought a keyfob for easy access, otherwise it is through your cell or PC. The motion sensor and door/window sensor work great. Wish the system were more easily expandable. While I got it on sale, I would not have gotten it and have looked for a different product.

Customer Rating:
Accurate alarm by Henry
It's good for protecting home and family. Great wireless security.

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