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Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB eReader w/7in LCD - First Gen
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Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB eReader w/7in LCD - First Gen from CowBoom
Movies, TV shows, magazines and children's books come alive on the Amazon Kindle Fire's 7" vibrant color multi-touch display.

MSRP: $199.99
Today: $49.99 
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What's in the box?
Kindle Fire 8GB
What's not included?
USB Cable
Owners Manual

Amazon Kindle Fire 8GB eReader w/7in LCD - First Generation

Movies, TV shows, magazines and children's books come alive on its 7" vibrant color multi-touch display. Features 8GB of storage plus free cloud storage for all your Amazon content. Over 1 million books, magazines and newspapers to choose from, plus movies and TV shows to stream, download, purchase or rent. Play your favorite apps and games. Stream your music library from Amazon Cloud Drive or download to your device and listen offline.

7" color multi-touch display
Great for viewing movies and TV shows. Brings colorful magazines and books to life.
8GB storage (6GB for user content)
Provides space for storing books, magazines, TV shows, movies and music.
Cloud storage
Access to Amazon's cloud storage with free storage of all Amazon digital content.
Amazon Silk browser
Cloud-accelerated Web browser is ideal for streaming video, music, games and more. Supports Adobe Flash.
Built-in Wi-Fi
Allows you to connect to Wi-Fi at home or to hotspots on the road. Kindle Store
Offers more than 1 million books, magazines and newspapers plus over 18 million movies, TV shows, apps, songs, magazines and books.
Whispersync technology
Synchronizes your last page read, bookmarks and annotations across your devices so you can always pick up where you left off.
Apps and games
Includes Facebook and thousands of apps and games to download.
Up to 8 hours of continuous reading or 7.5 hours of video playback with wireless off.
Weighs 14.6 oz. and measures just 0.45" thin
For easy portability.

Display Type: Color touch screen
Screen Size (Measured Diagonally): 7"
System Memory (RAM): 512MB
ENERGY STAR Qualified: Unknown

The 1st Gen Fire's dimensions are: 7.5" x 4.7" x 0.45"

MFG Part: D01400 8GB FIRST GEN
There are 7 review(s) for this product.

Customer Rating:
Mediocre Tablet by Steve58
I have had this tablet for over a year and it has back for repairs three times. Most common response to my complaints is to reload Windows, yet I still have horrible Touchscreen response, jerky video, and frequent lockups when streaming video. The only good things I can say are it does have MS Office suite and provides a good platform for capturing pix. The keyboard is nice since it adds battery life and peripheral expansion.

Customer Rating:
I Love This Tablet by Dee65
I bought the Asus as a replacement of my iPad that was stolen. Anyone considering a tablet purchase should check the Asus out. Honestly, I am enjoying the Asus more than I did the iPad. Having a keyboard to type with is awesome. Windows 8 RT is great. Iove, love, love it!

Customer Rating:
Its ok I guess by Schtoultz
This works fine, but it is nothing too special. I could have completed what it was bought for with a 10 times less costly device. However I was upsold by the salesperson.

Customer Rating:
Great tablet. Great price. by DKRA
I am not an "early adopter" of any technology. I had been shopping for tablets for over a year. I couldn't get excited about the I pad. The price seemed too high. I love the ASUS. The price was right and it came with Windows RT. Which I love. Still waitng for the keyboard which ASUS is giving away as a promotion through 12-31-12.

Customer Rating:
Great Tablet by Railer
The only thing I've been dissatisfied with concerning this tablet is the fact that there is no screen protector or case available (FROM ANY SOURCE) to protect my investment. In my opinion this is very poor planning on ASUS's part for customer satisfaction.

Customer Rating:
Not worth it by Rjs1987
Not worth the money: not even windows 8, just windows rt....I cannot stand this version at all

Customer Rating:
Great tablet w/ dock for work and school. by Brownie2191
This tablet rocks. Paired with the keyboard it is a great tool for school and for work depending on what you're buying it for. Along with the productivity side, the features for games and organization are awesome too!

Customer Rating:
Excellent Windows RT tablet by MAAP67
Excellent hardware running an amazing OS and modern applications. I use it everyday for productivity with Microsoft Office and more and for entertainment.

Customer Rating:
Excellent Windows RT Tablet by JCmn
In terms of hardware, this tablet packs in a lot. The question is: can Windows RT take advantage of all that hardware features. I think Asus' unique design mostly succeeded in showing that Windows RT shines in this package. The combination of touch screen, keyboard, and trackpad makes it a joy to run a variety of apps and programs on this tablet. One can also plug in a mouse transceiver to the usb port adapter for the tablet when it is undocked to get similar effects via a mouse. The central key enabler, I think, is the cursor, which is almost non-existent in iOS or Android. As this tablet shows, touch and mouse inputs can co-exist. For many productivity apps, the combo is very powerful. The Vivo RT shows many great potentials of Windows 8 RT. At this point, the first few days, I am using this as my device of choice to access a Windows 7 Pro desktop via remote desktop in addition to typical iPad type of tablet usage. Eventually it will probably completely replace my iPad 3 as the number of apps grow. In a way, this is a much better laptop replacement than iPad if one already has a desktop somewhere for the remote desktop app. I also found that the built-in HDMI port for connecting a monitor is very useful. Just like that in a laptop, a connected 1080p monitor can be used to extend the display or as the sole display. The touch gestures still work the same on the tablet's touch screen even when the display is not being used. One area that Asus needs to improve on is quality control. The first device I got froze up completely a few times in a day. Every time I had to power the device down and back up to get it to work again. I exchanged that for this 2nd one that I am using to type this review. It has been working flawlessly so far.

Customer Rating:
Lightweight Windows in more ways than one by SFMitchell
I've tried Windows Surface RT and the Vivo several times and think the Vivo is better in my hand. I love Asus' dock far better than either of the keyboards that Microsoft is currently offering for Surface, it's actually usable. The problem is that WindowsRT just isn't ready for prime-time. As an OS, it roughly on par with Android Froyo, but with practically no apps. Worse, it's just as closed an ecosystem as iOS. All this may not be a big deal to many potential buyers as it's being advertized as a business machine that can be used to create real MS Office documents. That is you can as long as you don't need to access documents via VPN. Practically no business standard VPN protocols are supported on Windows RT. Given all the drawbacks, I'd expect the Vivo to actually be less than the Asus' Transformer Infinity that is similarly spec'ed, but it's actually substantially higher priced. My suggestion is simply to wait. The Microsoft rep told me that VPN will be coming in Surface PRO some time in the beginning of 2013. When you can have a REAL business machine that is as lightweight as other tablets, it might actually be worth it. I expect Asus to likely offer one of the more compelling options at that time.

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