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Pebble - Smart Watch for Select iOS and Android Devices - White
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Pebble - Smart Watch for Select iOS and Android Devices - White from CowBoom
Pebble Smart Watch: From tracking your morning run to checking your favorite team's score during the big game, this watch puts useful apps and notifications on your wrist.

MSRP: $99.99
Today: $49.99 
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What's in the box?
Smart Watch
AC Adapter
USB Cable

Pebble - Smart Watch for Select iOS and Android Devices - White

Pebble Smart Watch: From tracking your morning run to checking your favorite team's score during the big game, this watch puts useful apps and notifications on your wrist.


Compatible with iOS and Android
Connects with select iOS and Android devices via Bluetooth. May require app downloads. Watch face is readable whether it's day or night
The e-paper display ensures a clear view, even in sunlight, and the backlight can be activated with a flick of the wrist. Fully customizable to give you the look and feel you want
Virtual watch faces can be downloaded and installed, and the strap can easily be swapped out. Robust app store
Pebble watches are compatible with a wide variety of apps and games, which can be purchased and downloaded from the Pebble app store. Compatible with RunKeeper app
The free downloadable RunKeeper app tracks your run data and fitness goals. Get your pace without slowing down, or easily pause RunKeeper while at an intersection so the stop doesn't mess up your stats. Vibration notifications
Vibration alerts let you know when you've got a new text or notification. Rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
The magnetic USB connector lets you charge your watch using your computer's USB port. Wall charger sold separately.

Mobile Operating System Compatibility: Android
iOS Compatibility: Apple iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5c and 5s, most other devices with iOS 6 or iOS 7 operating systems and most devices with Android 4.0 or later operating systems
Front-Facing Camera: None
Bluetooth-Enabled: Yes
GPS Enabled: No
Mobile Notifications: Yes
Power Supply: Rechargeable
Touch Screen: No
Voice Activated: No
Water-Resistant: Yes
Color Category: White

MFG Part: 301WH
There are 1360 review(s) for this product.

Customer Rating:
Simplicity at it's best by moldyCheese
This smartwatch is a great starter into the tech. The price point is attractive, the battery life on it amazing, and it does everything I personally need. I'm notorious for not responding to texts or answering calls for the fact that I would not carry my phone on me while I would be doing things around the house, or if i'm at the office with headphones in. Having my phone on vibrate for some reason would not register with me on my leg. (I could personalize the vibrate and have it do multiple blips enough to catch my attention, but i'm not trying to burn out my phone's battery all because a SMS has to vibrate 10 times a text) The Pebble with it's soft vibrate on the wrist catches my attention perfectly! Everything on the screen is readable (yes even in sunlight), the look has a nice modern feel to it, and come on it's water proof. Only downside is you can only carry 8 apps at a time on it. Watch faces are considered an app. The upside caused from that downside is that the Pebble itself is lightweight. It's light like a plastic kids watch. Another downside is, some of the apps available in the Pebble App area need you to download another app from your phone's app market place. Those apps can end up being $2.99 or more. Personally for me, the apps I needed were all free. All in all, i would highly recommend this watch...even my boyfriend is liking it so much he's getting the Pebble Steel :)

Customer Rating:
Best for the price by gapeachy
I bought my son a Pebble Smart Watch Christmas 2014 and he has loved it. He uses it every day, the battery lasts a long time between charges and it syncs well and easy with his iPhone, email, etc. He loved it so much, he bought one as a birthday present for a friend. It is the best smart watch by far for the price. Completely satisfied!

Customer Rating:
Ok by woodspon
OK but not really useful. Too many things to do to keep up to date -charge, etc.

Customer Rating:
Good entry smartwatch by Nate
Got it on sale, good entry level smartwatch. No frills or color but black and white is easier to see in direct sun. Just pushes notifications with limited response back to the phone, but that's exactly what I got it for.

Customer Rating:
Pebble smart watch ( in White ) by PiperPilot
Likes : appears well made. Nice looking but I think White was the wrong color for me( a Male ). Dislikes : 1.- made of plastic instead of a sturdy material, like Stainless Steel case and band. 2.- No complete owners Manual came with the watch! Must be a trend ! My $700.00 Apple iPhone 5S. Did NOT include one in the box either. Manufacturers must think we are all Engineers! That is about it ! Good luck to all who purchased the watch. I hope your better at understanding how to use the watch than myself. I know Medicine but I guess electronic gadgets are out of my realm.

Customer Rating:
Great price for entry level smart watch by Pebbler2000
Works great, and has a nice retro look to it. I am always getting compliments on it.

Customer Rating:
Great Watch by Branson
This is a great watch. I'm able to syncronize it to my phone and use it a both a watch and to complement my smartphone. Really like it.

Customer Rating:
The Smartwatch to beat by Andrew
Love the Pebble, works with both iOS and Android. Plus people think it's an Apple watch. :)

Customer Rating:
It's a great watch! by Supo9
I brought this watch for my wife and I have same in black too. She loves the function of the watch. The great thing about this watch it is compatible with both IOS & Android phone. This is a huge factor for us as we use both of these.

Customer Rating:
Awesome Battery Life by Phil
The battery life last almost a week and it is great with notifications. For the price it does all that I need it to do.

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