- Product Definitions
Product Definitions
Product Types sells New, Open-Box, Refurbished, and Pre-Owned products. These products are defined and grouped by their common core characteristics into four product types.
    • The item is in unused new condition and functioning perfectly
    • Items may be factory sealed or in brand new condition without the factory seal

    • A non-defective customer return
    • Includes all components and parts, unless otherwise indicated in listing/checkout cart

    • Item is repaired and certification process is performed
    • Functions as designed
    • Includes all components and parts
    • May have very slight barely visible cosmetic imperfections

    • Purchased, opened, and operated for a sustained period of time
    • Functions as designed
    • May be missing some non-critical components or parts, indicated in listing/checkout cart
    • May have cosmetic-imperfections

Product Conditions
Product conditions are assigned to the item to describe the overall physical appearance and items included.
    • Appearance: nearly new
    • Packaging: original or branded replacement
    • Accessories: original equipment by the manufacturer when included
    • Fully functional, like-new in appearance with no physical flaws, scratches or scuffs. Includes all original manufacturer parts, accessories are present. Packaging is included (may be a branded replacement).

    Very Good:
    • Appearance: small scratches or scuffs
    • Packaging: original or replacement
    • Accessories: original or replacement
    • Fully functional with minimal signs of wear such as minor surface scratches or scuffs that do not penetrate the surface. All parts1, accessories2 & packaging are included.

    • Appearance: minor to moderate scratches or scuffs
    • Packaging: original, replacement or none
    • Accessories: original, replacement or missing
    • Fully functional with mild to moderate signs of wear (e.g. scratches, scuffing) that penetrate the surface are present. Part(s)1 or accessories with commonly available replacements may be missing (e.g. provided ear buds or cable, remote, and restore discs/drives).

    • Appearance: scratches, scuffs, dents, chips, dings
    • Packaging: replacement or none
    • Accessories: replacement or missing
    • Moderate to heavy signs of wear (e.g. dents, chips on the casing, bezel, frame, or corners) are present. Minor wear may be present on the screen (where applicable). Part(s)1 with commonly available replacements or those that allow fully intended use (i.e. TV base/stand) may be missing. Product is still fully functional.

      1User Manual may be missing
      2May be substitute parts